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The Patria Smart Farm Programme - real-time crop monitoring for optimal decisions and increased productivity

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We make the best partnerships for your farming business to thrive and move to the next level of technology, to smart farming.

We finance the purchase of Enten Systems integrated monitoring solutions at a competitive price, specially negotiated for your business.

& Together with Enten, we want to take your farm to the next level: farming of the future

Enten offers an integrated system for monitoring crops, ideal for solar farms, and alerting you to the risks they may be exposed to, as well as windows of opportunity for agricultural work.

The Enten solution provides your farm with the tools and support to make the best decisions to increase your crop yields and reduce production costs, meet the challenges of climate change and protect the environment.

How does it work?

  • Weather stations are located in production sites to collect relevant microclimate parameters.
  • The collected data are automatically processed based on scientific algorithms and models and are transformed în performance indicators of your crop.
  • The data and indicators are interpreted and analysed by a team of Enten agronomic specialists, who issue advice and recommendations designed to help you adapt quickly to the challenges.
  • Data access is continuous, online, from your laptop or mobile phone; alerts are sent in real time, on your mobile phone; Enten agronomists are always at your service.

Benefits for your crop and your business

  • Increase crop yields through resource savings
  • Continuous monitoring of plant health, plant needs and  and disease and pest risk to crops
  • Data-based decision support for irrigation, fertilisation, aeration, solarium construction
  • Save time and money – all information is available in real time on your mobile phone
  • Assistance, advice and field visits from experienced agronomists
  • Rationalisation of agricultural processes and optimisation of pesticide use for sustainable development
  • Digitisation of production cycles and agricultural processes (digital archives and paperless agriculture)
  • Enabling economic inclusion and access to retail chains and supermarkets

Smart Farm Homeland Programme, for smart farming and long-term financial benefits

Advantages of credit obtained through the Patria Smart Farm Programme

  • Quick granting process, integrated with Enten, hassle-free
  • Get a special discount when you purchase the monitoring package
  • Credit requires no collateral from you
  • Reduced costs and simplified process on the following loans
  • No down payment required
  • Our advisors will help you prepare your file

Who can benefit from this loan?

  • Any legal entity agricultural producer, authorised natural person, agricultural companies, individual agricultural producer, family associations, întreprises, întreprises individuals or other forms of organisation with a maximum of 9 employees, who have a minimum of 12 months of activity / proven experience.

What else you need to know: 

  • Granting currency: lei
  • Period: maximum 60 months
  • Rates can be paid:
    • Online, directly îon the website 
    • &In any Patria Bank branch
    • By Pay Point, SelfPay or Romanian Post;

Note: The dedicated offer requires signing a financing agreement with Patria Credit and a contract with Enten for the integrated crop monitoring solution.


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