Online card payment available for Patria Credit IFN customers

Patria Credit IFN, one of the most dynamic microfinance institutions in Romania, is making it possible for its clients to pay their instalments online by card. This service, unique in Romania and in the network of non-banking financial institutions dedicated to small entrepreneurs, is included in the strategy of digitization of customer relations that the institution aims to implement in the first half of this year.

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These measures are intended to simplify and streamline the relationship of small entrepreneurs, producers and farmers with the institution and to bring services in line with the modernization trends at European level. This strategy is part of a wider NFI digitisation project that is co-financed and supported by the European Fund for Southern & Eastern Europe (EFSE).

Digitalisation is a natural step in a context where the percentage of people with internet access, including in rural areas, is increasing. Paying instalments online by card helps customers save time and energy, which they can devote to their business or other important aspects of their lives. All the steps in ourdigitalisation strategy this year aim to împrove customer access to our services and simplify existing customers' interaction with us. We are more than happy to have launched this first approach and have diversified the range of payment methods for our customers. In everything we do, we have îin mind our mission to accelerate the growth of financial and social inclusion in rural areas.”, says Raluca Andreica, CEO of Patria Credit.

The year 2019 is the 6th consecutive year îin which the financial results of Patria Credit IFN îand maintain the positive trend, with an estimated profit of 840,000 euros îin 2019, which reveals a îgrowing interest in access to financing, îin the role of small agricultural producers in Romania, îin whose development the institution has been involved for over 15 years. Among the institution's initiatives is Business Growth Academy, an online entrepreneurial education project set to launch this year.

More details about card payments and Patria Credit IFN products are available here.