Other payment methods

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Where else can you pay your instalments?

  • You can pay for free at Patria Bank by bank transfer or cash deposit at the cashier's office îin the account for payment of instalments opened by us at Patria Bank, namely the IBAN account number: RO54 CARP 0451 P071 5893 RO05
  • You can pay for FREE using the Barcode Card or the Barcode Information at any Patria Bank or Banca Transilvania cashier, at any SelfPay terminal or at the Romanian Post offices.

The card contains a unique CARD CODE, so if you have more than one credit, you will receive one for each credit. The barcode is the most important element on the card, as it is necessary to make the payment of the instalments through the mentioned partners.

How do you make easy instalment payments with partners?

  1. You present yourself with your card at one of the Patria Bank cash desks or at one of the partner locations (SelfPay, selected post offices or Banca Transilvania).
  2. Mention that you wish to make the instalment payment for the loan from Patria Credit and do not wish to renew the card. &If you pay by SelfPay, follow the instructions available here.
  3. Check that the payment has been made by making sure that you receive and check the receipt proving payment has been made
  4. Keep the receipt together with the credit agreement

Pay via SelfPay

By partnering with SelfPay, you can now pay your instalments at any of the more than 4,000 SelfPay Payment Stations that are available in more than 900 locations in Romania.

The full list of locations & where you can find payment stations is available HERE.

Fill in the steps below and enjoy the affordable way to make your installment payments now!

Step 1 -Go to the most convenient SelfPay Payment Station

Step 2 - You have reached the SelfPay Payment Station. Select the Patria Credit button from the Rate Credit category.

Step 3 - Scan the barcode on the payment document.

Step 4  - Pay! Insert the banknotes îinto the slot marked for insertion. 

*SelfPay does not issue change in the form of cash and does not accept coins

Step 5 - Payment is ready! Once you have inserted all the banknotes related to the payment amount, the SelfPay Station will issue your receipt.

If you have any difficulties using the SelfPay Payment Station, please contact SelfPay customer support on 021 - 5297101 or by email at contact@selfpay.ro.