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Projects and organisations that help every day to make a better world for Romanian farmers and rural communities.

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A brief about the Patria Credit vision

Patria Credit supports and invests in impactful projects that support small-scale farmers and the development of their rural communities. We believe that the Romanian countryside can develop:

  • through education 
  • by increasing the entrepreneurial skills of the farming and business community
  • through partnerships that support the development potential of rural communities 
  • Projects and initiatives supported by Patria Credit 

    The Grow Romania & Together Association

    Patria Credit, together with Patria Bank, supports the Creștem România Împreună Association having shared values inspired by tradition and community. Thus, signing a strategic partnership based on trust and commitment to local producers was practically a natural step.

    We believe that the Association's projects help Patria's mission to bring normality to communities in Romania and to bring urban and rural communities closer together. One of these projects is the Peasant Mall, a unique initiative in Romania that brings together over 320 Romanian agricultural producers in an online shop. The project is unique not only in its character but also in the objectives that this project aims to achieve:

    • to create the necessary infrastructure to establish the link between the authentic producer and the urban market
    • to bring together authentic producers, keepers of millennia-old traditions, creating the largest mall of traditional craft and agri-food products
    • to help local Romanian producers to market their products and become visible in a highly competitive market context

    We invite you to consult all the projects of the Growing Romania Together Association and to become a volunteer on the website: 

    AFIN - Romania's alternative financing institution dedicated to the social economy sector

    AFIN will be the first non-bank financial institution in Romania exclusively dedicated to the social economy sector and will bring together the expertise of three national and international partners in the field of social economy and investments supporting sustainable community development: Foundation “Alături de Voi” România (ADV), Patria Credit IFN and The European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA)

    The aim of the project is to facilitate access to finance for social enterprises in Romania that have passed the start-up phase and need capital resources to progress.
    You can find out more about the AFIN initiative here.

    Foundation for Agricultural Development

    Patria Credit, îm together with Patria Bank, joins Carrefour în supporting the Foundation for the Development of Agriculture and the approach to increase association and stimulate solutions to market vegetable production.

    FDA is an independent organisation, created with the vision and financial support of Carrefour România, to support and stimulate the association approaches of vegetable producers, înia in particular, and to offer marketing opportunities for agricultural products, înia in general.

    The mission of the Foundation for the Development of Agriculture is to create and implement rural development programmes through economic activity. The challenge is to succeed in expanding the models to more areas so that a profound change becomes visible at the level of the whole system. You can find out more about the initiative here.

    I want to be a farmer, a World Vision Romania project

    It is with great joy and gratitude that we support the Mândru to be a farmer project with World Vision România through which we propose:

    • to bring a bit of our experience and that of Patria Credit farmers îin addition to the theory taught îin technical high schools 
    •  to contribute to attracting young people  in agricultural high schools and to  teaching them the profession of being a farmer.

    More details about the project can be found here

    #Patriot people of the country got involved voluntarily and brought energy to the project being together with 2 agricultural high schools from Iasi and Botoșani, among the best in the country, and contributed by:

    • supporting promotional actions and attracting students to become future farmers
    • the opportunity to see what it means to be a farmer directly at Patria Credit's customer farm
    • providing support to produce educational content for high school students în particular and beyond

    We are happy to îshare the experiences and educational materials made throughout the program that took the form of a „online libraries” with information and tutorials accessible to all agricultural students and high school students, as well as to all those who wish to become or improve their farming skills.