Awards and evaluations obtained

We are delighted when our efforts have an impact on our customers, the communities in which they live or the market in which we passionately operate.

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We are also grateful when our actions receive recognition and validation from various reference organisations or publications.


  • 23.02.2023 - European Code of Good Conduct Data Disclosure - Disclosure of financial and operational information Patria Credit has been assessed for compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct for the provision of microcredit. The Code defines a unified set of standards for the microfinance sector in Europe. The Code serves as a self-regulatory tool and quality label for microfinance institutions engaged in ethical finance. More information about the Code and the assessment process can be found on the European Commission website. As part of the assessment of compliance with the Code, we publicly disclose financial and operational information to increase transparency and comparability. Disclosure of financial and operational information.


  • Sustainable Agriculture Leader - recognition provided by Microfinance Center for projects and initiatives undertaken by Patria Credit îto support farmers îin the transition to sustainable agriculture, to promote the importance of agricultural education and non-financial support to farmers îin the disposal of agricultural products

  • Microfinance rating awarded by MF Rating Agency -  MFR is a global rating agency providing ratings, data and technical expertise to the financial industry. With a long history îin providing independent ratings and assessments, MFR performs ratings for financial institutions (FIs), investors, regulators, renewable energy companies and networks working to achieve financial inclusion and sustainable development. 


  • The Code of Good Conduct (Code of Good Conduct): Considering its vast experience in microfinance, good professional practices and being one of the strongest and most dynamic non-bank financial institutions in Romania, Patria Credit IFN's activity has been recognized by the European Code of Good Conduct, initiated by the Directorate for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission, for the quality and impact of the microfinance activity carried out in Romania. More than 160 indicators have been assessed for recognition and Patria Credit has achieved compliance in 96% of them.


  • Banking revenue of the year:  During the 22nd edition of the Financial Market Awards, on December 12, 2017, Patria Group was awarded the ”Product of the Year”  in recognition of its efforts to develop the microfinance segment by supporting small and very small entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.
  • Performer în Microfinance: în the 5th edition of the “Lessons în learned & Performance Gala" 2017, organized by Oxygen Events, în November 17, 2017, Patria Group was awarded the “Performer îin microfinance”, as a sign of recognition of our determination în to develop the microfinance segment and to increase economic and financial inclusion înia.