Credit Punte Tomatina

Are you a vegetable grower enrolled in the tomato production incentive programme? We have good news for you: you can have 70% of your approved subsidy in advance (maximum 10,000 lei) when you need it, without having to wait for payments from the state.

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În Patria Credit, being with vegetable growers, farmers and small businesses in rural areas is what we have been doing for more than 15 years!

And we will continue to be there with trust, respect and funding for more welfare. Our loans are fixed-interest, pay-as-you-harvest and quick turnaround.

Contact the Patria Credit representative in your area area or leave us your details îin the form above and we'll call you back!

About Tomatina Bridge Credit

  • Product exclusively for vegetable farmers who were enrolled in last year's Tomato Production Incentive Programme, with a file submitted/pending for the current year

  • This product helps you get the money îin advance when you need it to ensure a rich harvest and not depend on încashing the subsidy from the state.


  • Simple and fast financing of up to 70% of the Tomatina subsidy (maximum 10,000 lei)

  • Quick approval

  • Money available within just 2 days of applying for credit

  • Payment of the loan is simple and is made upon încashment of the grant: repayment will be made upon încashment of the grant, from the Patria Bank account opened for this purpose, for each grant cycle în part

What else you need to know:

  • Your legal adviser will advise you on the preparation of your file and you will determine together the most convenient way of transferring the documents
  • In order to benefit from this credit facility you need the following:
    • Tomatine File for the current year submitted îin copy, îmwith proof of submission of the file to the Directorate of Agriculture (if submitted)
    • Bank statement showing that you have received at least one subsidy cycle
    • Bank account opened at Patria Bank
  • The fee applied to this product is fixed 



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