Who we are

Patria Credit is a non-bank financial institution (NFI) specialising in financing farmers and micro-enterprises

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We are microfinance promoters!

Microfinance aims to support economic and social development. This is done by providing loans for the development of projects, activities or businesses, supporting economic or community development projects.

Microcredit differs from lending activity in the banking system in its credit and client analysis techniques:

  • Customer-focused approach through a focus on the people behind the small business, the skills, capacity and vision with which they îand develop the business
  • Analysis of actual cash flows to assess the degree of risk and estimate the amount financed. It takes into account all the revenues made by the client.

    Our aim is to offer financial products to agricultural producers and micro-firms with limited access to traditional financial services due to limitations given by their location and socio-demographic profile.

    Our vision is to support the efforts of entrepreneurs and private individuals and their positive impact on their communities by providing them with affordable and easy-to-use financial products designed for their specific needs.