Microfinance Day

On Microfinance Day we celebrate small businesses. We give voice and give confidence to small entrepreneurs, whatever the times.

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We celebrated Microfinance Day together!

Followed by our partners at the European Microfinance Network, we celebrated Microfinance Day in 2022, in October. Together with dozens of other microfinance institutions across Europe, we aim to open up more conversations, with small entrepreneurs, with industry peers, to listen to the voice of business and raise the visibility of the importance of microfinance în the development of rural and small urban communities.

We celebrated the festive moment and Microfinance Day with a special offer for all entrepreneurs:

ZERO loan origination fee for any loan requested îduring the period 17-21 October 2022

And when we say any credit, we mean any credit you need:

  • loans with no down payment and no collateral
  • farm or small business loans
  • with cash available within a few days of application
  • payment capacity îdepending on your crop or business income
  • our loans, whether agricultural or for small and very small businesses, are intended for all întrepreneurs, regardless of the form of organisation: individual agricultural producers, legal entities, agricultural companies, authorised individuals, family associations, înfamily businesses, însole proprietorships or other forms of organisation.

We are waiting for you îin any Patria Credit agency to celebrate împreuntos Microfinance Day or you can leave us your details îin this page and we will contact you îin the shortest time.


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