Prosper Small Business Credit

&We've been relying on your work for over 15 years! În Patria Credit we stand by rural small businesses with în trust, respect and funding for more wealth:

  • sup to 45.000 lei without guarantees
  • fixed deposit
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About the Prosper Small Business Loan

Product designed for small businesses in rural areas, regardless of the object of activity, offering the possibility to receive loans up to 45,000 lei without collateral for new clients and loans up to 60,000 lei without collateral for Patria Credit clients, for various needs – working capital, investments and mixed.

The funds obtained can be used for the purchase of goods, raw materials, payment of salaries/taxes, various investments or a bit of everything.


  • Simple:
    • Your advisor comes to you and collects the necessary paperwork
    • Low paperwork
    • No down payment or own contribution &in the case of investment loans
  • No hassle:
    • The fee is fixed
    • &If we determine the potential of the company, we are interested in your actual achievements
    • With the help of collateral (pledges, mortgages) you can even obtain up to 250,000 lei
  • Quick: You get the money within a few days of submitting your application

What else you need to know:

  • Credit is granted for a period of:
    • maximum 5 years for loans granted for investment and mixed purposes
    • .
    • maximum 3 years îmfor loans for working capital
  • Companies with a maximum turnover of 1 million lei and a continuous activity of 12 months can benefit from this loan.
  • If your activity is in its infancy, you can access the credit after 3 months by bringing real guarantees
  • The repayments will be made monthly, with the following options available:


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