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When it's better that people don't go to the market, the market goes to the people!

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Our manufacturers' news

In order to support the sales of small producers, in various fields, în the period of isolation, when traffic în markets is lower, we have centralized below a series of sites and initiatives through which you can order online, with home delivery. We have been supporting small producers for over 15 years with dedicated products tailored to their needs, even more so now, in these times.

This initiative is especially for producers and vegetable growers who are clients of Patria Credit IFN or Patria Bank, for whom we have even created an online community, for those who are close to Bucharest,         

You will find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and delicious cold cuts, bread to jams, honey and other products prepared with a lot of care and love by our customers.

Extended sales network

For producers who want to expand their online sales network, below is a list of other online communities and platforms, centralised by us, that can be of help during this period. We encourage you to consult the list and to use them according to your needs. And if you hear of manufacturers we can add to the list, please let us know.

Download the list of HERE.