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Welcome to Business Breeding, from Patria Credit and Patria Bank!

Every day we get in touch with many small and very small rural agricultural entrepreneurs, specialising in vegetable growing, livestock, trade and crafts. We learn a lot of great things from them about their businesses and the day-to-day challenges of their work. Because we've gathered a lot of advice from them, as well as a number of questions, we set out to ask them together. Alongside recommendations from our almost 20 years of funding practice îin rural areas, we will also bring the entrepreneurs' perspective îin a series of interviews that you can also watch on our Youtube page.

Vocea Legumicultores is an initiative in its first season în 2022. We sat down with Patria Credit customers and found out how they got started in their business, what challenges they face, how their year went and what advice they have for young farmers now at the beginning of their journey. In the sun or at the Microfinance Day event, we were happy to see farmers open to dialogue and sharing ideas. Local vegetable growers have grown and are growing year after year and we at Patria Credit offer them confidence, funding and aim to make their voice heard, the #VoceaLegumicultores initiative being a first project in this direction.

See the series of interviews of the Voice of the Vegetable Growers on our page #VoceaLegumicultorilor - YouTube:

1. Mrs Iuliana Tone - agricultural producer Dăbuleni

2. Lazar Marius Irinel - agricultural producer, Izbiceni, client Patria Credit - YouTube

3. Vîță Nicolae - vegetable farmer Izbiceni, client Patria Credit - YouTube

4. Fulga Iliuță - agricultural producer and rural entrepreneur, Izbiceni, client Patria Credit - YouTube

5. Radu Ionuț Victor - vegetable farmer, client Patria Credit - YouTube

6. Văetuș Marius - agricultural producer, Izbiceni, client Patria Credit - YouTube

7. Mr Gulie Marian, mayor of Izbiceni, guest at the Microfinance Day event, Patria Credit - YouTube

Business Coach offers a range of answers to în simple or more complicated questions. It brings fresh perspectives on the important things a farmer or small business owner can take into account to grow, expand, get financing and grow step by step.

Radu is the business grower who over the course of 5 episodes gives Patria's perspective on small farm businesses as well as small rural producers and farmers. Watch the 5 episodes on the page Youtube Patria Credit:

  1. Episode 1: When is it time to grow your business?
  2. Episode 2:How do you get credit for your business?
  3. Episode 3:The first steps îin your business
  4. Episode 4: How îı to grow your first business in the country
  5. Episode 5: DWhy is it important to partner

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