Patria Credit launches the Business Breeder and offers loans with ZERO origination fees especially for European Microfinance Day

Patria Credit IFN, a lending institution dedicated to agricultural producers and small entrepreneurs in rural areas, joins the European Microfinance Network initiative and în 2019 and celebrates European Microfinance Day by launching the educational project Business Growth and Special Credit Offers.

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So, farmers and small business owners at the start or in the process of development can be inspired and informed by the series of five educational episodes that draw from everyday experience in rural finance while taking advantage of the ZERO application fee offer for all applications received by October 23, 2019.

“Financing agriculture and small entrepreneurs has its secrets. How do you grow a business îin rural areas, when is the right time to develop it or how îe find the right partners, are just some of the înquestions that any entrepreneur or agricultural producer asks. From over 15 years îexperience of working with them we have îlearned these things and have also created a series of useful answers for them available îin The Business Coach - video materials available on our website. Beyond the information în, our ZERO loan origination fee offer is designed to give în confidence to those who în ask în questions related to business development, whether they are producers or entrepreneurs who have în learned the trade and inherited the business from father & son, or those who want to start farming and aren't sure where to în start.”, says Raluca Andreica, General Manager of Patria Credit.

With a positive evolution în the last five years, Patria Credit IFN în recorded în 2018 financial results above expectations, with a net profit of almost 900,000 Euro and assets reaching 15 million Euro. The non-bank financial institution's loan portfolio increased  by more than 25% compared to 2017.

The Business Growth Education Project is carried out with the support of EFSE – European Fund for Southeast Europe – within the framework of the EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy programme. Also in support of small entrepreneurs and agricultural producers, the Patria Group has recently launched a blog dedicated to entrepreneurship. The Patria blog is a source of inspiration and information on useful topics for business development, such as human resources management, accessing European funds, studies and information in the financial-banking field and more. Those wishing to subscribe are invited to visit the blog here.