Paying instalments by card

Now you can pay your instalments online, directly by credit card!

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Paying online by card directly from the Patria Credit website is made possible through a partnership with the Eu Plătesc platform and makes it easier for any customer to pay the monthly instalments on loans taken out.

Payment guide

Do you have a bank card? Simply pay your instalment at Patria Credit, wherever you are!

We strive to make our relationship with you easier and easier and we have implemented the possibility to quickly pay your loan instalments:

  • It's SIMPLE, all you need is a bank card and an internet connection;
  • It's SECURE and accessible from anywhere (at home or abroad);
  • It's FREE, the online rate payment is linked to a classic online card payment (identical to paying for a purchase) and has ZERO fees for you;
  • &I will CONFIRM your online payment &in just a few minutes directly to your email address.

Here's how easy it is to pay your Patria Credit loan repayments online with your card.

  1. Go to;
  2. Make sure you have the right tools:
    1. Credit code. The credit code is an 18-digit numerical sequence and can be found on the letter you receive at the branch when you apply for credit or on the payment card you receive at home. If you can't find it, go to your nearest Patria Credit branch and request it. You can call us for details at Customer Services: 800 872 874 (free of charge) / 021 304 0064 (normal rate, international dialling);
    2. The bank card you will use to pay (Visa/Mastercard)
    3. A valid e-mail address where you will receive confirmation of payment from;
  3. Follow the steps recommended by the payment application:
    1. Enter the credit code;
    2. Enter the payment amount: the minimum payment amount is 1 leu. We recommend that you pay the full amount of the instalment;
    3. After entering the payment amount will be automatically redirected to the partner platform EuPlă; 
    4. Enter your card details, e-mail and accept the terms and conditions of the service offered by EuPlă;
    5. Enter the 3Dsecure code received (via SMS) from the bank issuing the card used for payment;
    6. You receive confirmation of the transaction on the Patria Credit website and subsequently by e-mail from EuPlă

It's that simple!


Video guide

To convince you, we have also prepared a video în where you can follow the steps described above:


Paying online by card directly from the Patria Credit website is made possible through a partnership with the I Pay platform

You can access the terms and conditions for using this payment method here.

For questions you can contact us on 0800 872 874.