Credit for your rural business

NEW! Now you can apply for a loan for your rural business using digital channels!

Need to îgrow your agribusiness or small non-agro business? Now you can get credit through an online application and document submission via email.

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Step 1: Welcome!

– depending on your specific situation – existing customer or new customer – select the section that applies to you:

  1. you are an existing customer if you have an outstanding credit agreement or have had a credit agreement within the last 3 years
  2. you are a new customer if you have never had a contractual relationship with Patria Credit
  3. .

I am a Patria Credit client  I am a new client

Step 2: Access în dedicated section Apply online

In the dedicated section we ask you to leave us some information about yourself:

  • first and last name
  • phone number and e-mail address
  • type of credit you are interested in: 
    • Roditor credit – for agricultural producers
    • Prosper Credit – for small, non-agro businesses

After completing this information, you will receive access to the necessary documents for your credit file.

Step 3. Credit documents

Once you have entered the documents section, you will have access to all the information needed to access a credit, as follows:

  • The list of documents with information about your business – these documents are held by you and/or your accountant
  • Credit check
  • Information on the processing of personal data în the Credit Bureau System
  • And, if applicable, if you are a new customer to:
    • Information on the processing of personal data by Patria Credit IFN S.A., of the Natural Person - associate / shareholder / beneficial owner / legal representative / împututor / trustee / guarantor - of a Legal Entity for credit activity

To make it easier for you, you will also find a Guide to completing the credit application.

Step 4. We'll help you make your credit application

Once you have downloaded all the materials and start filling them in, we can assist you over the phone in completing them. They will also answer any questions you may have about the required documents and any other credit-related information.

Step 5. Sending your credit file by e-mail

Once you have all the necessary documents and a completed credit application, please send the materials by e-mail (scanned or photo with your phone) to:

Step 6. Analysis and response

Once we have received all the documents from you, we will enter into analysis and contact you for details and the result of the analysis.

That said, we invite you to send us your credit application and let us partner îin growing your business!

I am a Patria Credit client  I am a new client