Patria Credit IFN SA opens a branch in Tulcea

And it finances agricultural producers and small businesses up to 120,000 lei, without guarantees

  • One of the most experienced microfinance institutions in the country, Patria Credit IFN SA, opens a branch in Tulcea
  • Patria Credit finances agricultural producers and local small businesses, up to 120,000 lei, with no down payment and no collateral
  • Opening offer: 3 months without analysis fee (20 May – 31 July 2021)
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Tulcea, 20 May 2021

Agricultural producers and small businesses in Tulcea County have new opportunities to sustain and grow their businesses this month. One of the most experienced microcredit financial institutions in Romania, Patria Credit IFN SA, is coming to Tulcea to support agricultural producers and small businesses.

Tulcea county has a high business potential for the microfinance area, with a population of 200,000 inhabitants, more than 8,100 agricultural producers and almost 1,500 small and medium enterprises. Moreover, the agricultural area is generous -  364,000 ha of arable land, pastures, 7400 ha of vineyards, 760 ha of orchards  - and the productions are important - about 70,000 tons of vegetables per year. We have therefore decided to open a Patria Credit agency in the area to help the community develop by supporting entrepreneurs in the Danube Delta. We can contribute, and we have demonstrated this in all the areas of the country where we operate, to the expansion of the land worked, to the increase in production and productivity, to the technological development of small farms and to the support and manifestation of local entrepreneurship. And all this will increase community welfare and local businesses will be stronger and more stable.” said Raluca Andreica, General Manager Patria Credit IFN SA.

Hard collateral free financing

The credit analysis and approval at Patria Credit IFN follows the microcredit patterns: clients receive the requested amount without having to make a thick file, without classical guarantees required on a standard bank flow, specific lending technology based on a customized analysis of the farmer's budget, crop type and production cycle.

We go to them, on the road, împ, în the solar, with our rubber boots în the trunk. Our employees are local people, housewives, well anchored in the community. We actually fund the people, not the handouts. We look at a business in the social and family context, how the person spends, what they spend on, what assets they have in the household, we do a personalised assessment. Vegetable growers do not keep accounts on the computer, and the business and family budgets are often confused. We don't put a grid in which those being financed have to fit. In this way, we manage to finance those who are not interesting for the banks, says Raluca Andreica.

With almost 20 years of experience and expertise în financing over 15,000 agricultural producers, Patria Credit has a specific lending technology adapted to any type of agricultural business, financing any form of organization of agricultural producers, with personalized rates, when revenues are obtained, at harvest. 

We have already given the first loans în Tulcea county and we will always be on the field, în markets, on the market and at the bazaar, where agricultural producers and small entrepreneurs need us. This is the Patria Credit working model that we will also apply here in Tulcea. The documentation for the credit is reduced and in about 3 days from the time the file is complete the entrepreneurs will receive an answer on the credit approval. Our loans can be used for the purchase of goods, raw materials, salaries, payment of arrears to the state budget, investments of all kinds - purchases and real estate improvements - equipment or machinery - taxes and duties. We also have a welcome offer – zero analysis commission – and – I invite those who want to know us, to pay us a visit – in the agency in Independence Square No. 1, East wing right – in the House of Culture of the Trade Unions ” said Gabriel Munteanu, Director of Patria Credit Tulcea Agency.

The products offered by Patria Credit are simple and accessible, the financial institution's approach to financing being „We finance people, not things” which means: few documents, quick approval and în understanding în depth of the specifics of each production or business.

The most sought after Patria Credit products are:

  • The EaSi Credit with guarantee provided by the European Union, îin which the amount granted can reach up to 120,000 lei, for 5 years, available to agricultural producers and small businesses.
  • Rounditor credit for agricultural producers: up to 60,000 lei without collateral, 5-year loan, payment at harvest. The real value of income is taken into account and the money can be used for various needs: investment, working capital and mixed. In other words, with the money you get you can make payments for agricultural work, buy seeds, fertilisers, diesel, solar construction material, breeding, dairy or grazing animals, equipment and machinery, even agricultural land. Through the EaSI programme with a European guarantee, the loan amount can be extended to 120,000 lei.
  • Prosper credit for small businesses: up to 45,000 lei credit, even for businesses at the beginning of their activity, with a minimum of 3 months of activity; the amount can increase to 60,000 lei for businesses that can provide real guarantees.

The full range of products for agricultural producers and small businesses can be consulted on and at the Patria Credit Tulcea branch in Independence Square no 1, East wing, right at the House of Culture of the Trade Unions.

For details or call 0724 288 851