Bank to market

Patria Credit, Patria Bank and the Association of Romanian Market Managers bring the bank to the market!

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Because we want to be where we are needed, and because Romanian agriculture and producers are very important to us, we have found a reliable partner in the Romanian Association of Market Managers, with whom we come closer to all those who come to the markets and to those who #GoToTheMarket.

We stand by and support with dedicated products all producers, traders and customers in the more than 360 AAPR markets and, in a pilot, for the first time: we literally bring the bank to the market!

&In June, in Bacău, Ploiești and Sibiu, we will open a point of presence Patria right in the market, among the stalls of vegetables, fruit, cheeses and other goodies that we offer to those who come to the market! Five days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, we are at the market, offering produce and services, as well as tips and advice on how to grow your crops and your business with our help.

At the same time, îin more than 20 other cities across the country, Patria Credit and Patria Bank representatives will be walking and talking with those present îin the market, offering them financial support and advice.

The good collaboration with AAPR aims to transform the project îinto a long-term partnership, îin which our presence at the market becomes a matter of course, and that producers and traders coming to market can access funding more easily and quickly and receive advice and guidance when they need it.

We don't sell to the market, but if you would like a loan to develop your farm business, please fill in the form on this page to receive a quote.


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